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A Youth Homeless Charity has Received Over £10,000 from Private Fundraising and with Assistance from The Conveyancing Foundation’s Charity Lotto

Over £4,400 has been donated by the Foundation to Roundabout, which is committed to preventing youth homelessness in Yorkshire, from funds raised by the team at Convey Law in October.

The Conveyancing Foundation enables legal practices and property businesses to raise voluntary donations from their clients during their transactions through its Charity Lotto, entering them into the monthly £500 prize draw. Nominations are then made to the Foundation for causes and charities in need of support.

Roundabout was nominated as a deserving charity by PM Property Lawyers Managing Director Harvey Harding, who has so far raised over £5,800 for the charity through his own determined fundraising.

Mr. Harding has recently successfully completed the London Marathon and a Serpentine swim in aid of Roundabout and said the charity had been at the centre of the Sheffield law practice’s fundraising efforts for several years with staff undertaking a series of challenges to raise much-needed funds.

An active fundraiser for several charities, he has previously undertaken challenges including marathons and triathlons, a winter sleep out and even a stand-up comedy stint.

Mr Harding explained:

“Over the last two years, I’ve not been able to do much in terms of events but have always run, swam, abseiled, thrown myself out of planes et cetera for charity.

“I therefore thought this year that I should double up both in terms of fundraising and of events because raising money for charity has been difficult during lockdown and furthermore this particular charity needs it more than most because of all the help it has provided to the homeless during lockdown.”

He added:

“The swim was joyous as the weather was beautiful. However, I followed it up with an 8 mile training run where I managed to twist my ankle! The marathon therefore was all the more difficult and, after 16 miles, my ankle unfortunately went but I still managed to finish the event.”

PM Property Lawyers’ fundraising will be further boosted by setting up its own Charity Lotto through the Conveyancing Foundation, said Mr. Harding.

Mr Harding said:

I’ve always believed in giving back and those who can, should – and in my case I’ve always tried to raise a significant sum every year for charities close to my heart. I believe our fundraising will be further boosted by joining the Conveyancing Foundation’s Charity Lotto.

“The Foundation’s Charity Lotto is a fantastic mechanism for us and for other legal and property practices to raise charity funds through voluntary donations. Thank you so very much to Lloyd and the team at Convey Law for supporting Roundabout with their Lotto donations for the month of October.”

Convey Law Managing Director and Conveyancing Foundation Chairman Lloyd Davies said he receives nominations from Convey Law staff and from others in the property and conveyancing sector for worthy causes each month to donate funds to from the Charity Lotto and had been motivated to support Roundabout by Harvey’s inspirational fundraising.

Lloyd Davies explained:

“I have worked alongside Harvey at The Conveyancing Association, where he is also a member. When we heard about his dedication to raising money for this amazing charity, we were only too happy to help and commit funds raised through the Foundation’s Charity Lotto from donations made by Convey Law clients in October to Roundabout.

“Charity Lotto clients are invited to make a voluntary £10 donation to the Lotto at the end of their transaction with the opportunity to win £500 towards their legal fees at the end of each month. This model is available to other legal, conveyancing and property businesses and I would highly recommend it as a smooth and effective mode of fundraising.”

Roundabout Spokesperson Emily Bush said:

“Roundabout strives to support young people in difficult circumstances who find themselves homeless.

“Our wraparound support ensures they are safe, have appropriate accommodation, and receive the support they need to develop the life skills, confidence, and self-esteem to progress to living independently.

“We appreciate the support of individuals, groups and companies, who want to make a difference for these young people.

“We are delighted to have the support of PM Property Lawyers in Sheffield and are very grateful for the generous donation made by Convey Law and The Conveyancing Foundation to Mr Harding’s personal fundraising challenge for Roundabout.”

The charity, which was set up over 40 years, provides shelter, support and life skills to young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It currently supports over 250 young people living in its accommodation every day.

Convey365 staff were not only busy in the run-up to the end of the Stamp Duty holiday helping clients complete their sales and making valuable savings but they also successfully donated over £40,000 to charity in September.

Convey365 Conveyancing Supervisor Rhian Reynolds raised £500 by taking on an epic 2000 squat challenge during what she described as “the busiest month of her life” to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSH Charity) as a thank you to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for helping to save her stepdaughter’s Rea’s life.

Rhian’s fundraising was boosted significantly by a £13,000 donation from Convey365 clients taking part in the Conveyancing Foundation’s Charity Lotto.

Clients donate a voluntary £10 at the end of their transaction with the opportunity of winning £500 towards their legal fees in the monthly Lotto draw. Funds raised from clients taking part in the Lotto in August and September were donated to Rhian’s challenge.

Rhian, who also got married in September, explained that the world-famous hospital carried out life-saving surgery on stepdaughter Rea, who is now 5, when she was a baby:

I took on this 2000 squat challenge during the busiest month of my life for Rea and the wonderful work that is being undertaken at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Rea was born prematurely with a condition called Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula (TOF) which meant her oesophagus wasn’t attached to her stomach so she was unable to eat or swallow. After a few months in Cardiff NICU, she was transferred to Great Ormond Street for surgery.

Rea was in GOSH for a couple of months where she received the most amazing care. She was fed through a tube in her stomach for years but thankfully she is now a happy and healthy 5-year-old child who can and will eat anything in sight. This hospital gave us so much and I wanted to do something small to raise money for such a wonderful place. Thank you to everyone at Convey365 for working so hard to encourage our clients to take part in the brilliant Conveyancing Foundation Charity Lotto which raised a fantastic amount of money for this wonderful cause – thank you all!

Matthew Shaw, Chief Executive of GOSH, said:

Firstly, what an incredible donation – I’d like to say a massive thank you to Convey365, to Rhian, and to each and every one of the team, for supporting the life-changing things we do here at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The amazing money they’ve raised is invaluable – it means we can continue to provide exceptional care to the children and young people who are treated at Great Ormond Street every year.

Convey365 are great donors for many varied causes and it is a privilege to receive such a remarkable amount. I can’t wait to hear about their next fundraising challenge.”

Laura Savory, GOSH Charity’s Deputy Director of Community Fundraising, added:

We’re so grateful for the support from both Rhian and Convey365 to donate over £13,000 to GOSH Charity. Taking part in our Facebook challenges is a wonderful way to get involved with the charity and committing to 2000 squats in a month is no easy feat! Helped by the Conveyancing Foundation Charity Lotto, this incredible donation will make such a difference to the lives of seriously ill children who come to GOSH from across the UK every day, so for that we’d like to say a huge thank you.

In September, Convey365 also donated £3000 to a little boy with a rare genetic disorder to aid research into the disease from funds raised by clients taking part in the Conveyancing Foundation’s Charity Lotto.

Elliot, 3, who has the life-limiting muscle-wasting disorder Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, was nominated by Convey Law Director Nikki Fuller.

Elliot’s family have so far raised over £16,000 for Duchenne UK which is campaigning to accelerate treatments being currently developed in NHS clinical trials for Duchenne.

Convey365 Managing Director Lloyd Davies did his bit in the bumper fundraising month by completing the penultimate two-day stage of his Offa’s Dyke Mindstep Trekkers’ challenge from Shropshire to Hay-on-Wye.

Lloyd and his team of eleven trekkers have now raised over £23,500 in aid of the Mindstep Foundation in memory of his eldest son Max who tragically took his own life at the age of just 22 in 2018 after suffering from clinical depression.

Funds raised from the 177 walk along Offa’s Dyke national trail will now be donated by Mindstep to a wellbeing centre at St Alban’s RC High School in Pontypool, where Max volunteered in the summer before he died.

Lloyd, who undertook the first arduous week-long stage of the walk in July, said:

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported us along the journey and donated to such a worthy cause. We tackled some very tough and mountainous terrain along the way and battled with some extreme weather conditions and injuries.”

Lloyd said he was “extremely proud” to contribute personally to Convey365’s fundraising record and commented:

We have developed a charity fundraising and caring culture at Convey365 which is ingrained at every level of our organisation. Our staff are always prepared to go the extra mile for causes that they believe in and are always keen to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

They work together and support each other to help the charities that are dear to them and this has enabled us to help raise nearly £950,000 for our chosen charities over the course of the last decade. Very well done all.”

The Conveyancing Foundation Charity Lotto is available to all legal practices and those involved in the property industry and has enabled Convey365 to become the most successful charity fundraising legal practice in the UK.

Convey365 staff in the office and at home completed the bumper fundraising month by raising £1000 for Macmillan Cancer Support by taking part in the recent Macmillan Coffee Morning, despite the challenges of the imminent Stamp Duty deadline.

Activities including a Macmillan Quiz and a Macmillan Cartoon a Colleague competition helped everyone get into the spirit of the national fundraising day on September 24th while cakes were baked and offered for donations around the office.

Convey Law staff in the office and at home raised an impressive £1,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support by taking part in the charity’s main annual fundraiser – the nationwide Macmillan Coffee Morning, which this year fell on September 24. 

The office was decorated with bunting and balloons as we all got into the spirit of the day which is dubbed ‘the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ as hundreds of offices and businesses up and down the country take part every year. 

Despite the looming Stamp Duty deadline on September 30, staff baked cakes and biscuits which were happily offered for donations around the office.

Meanwhile, those working from home joined in with some fun online activities including a Macmillan Quiz and a Macmillan Cartoon a Colleague competition. 

Convey Law Managing Director Lloyd Davies: “We have a proud tradition of fundraising at Convey and we are only too happy to take part in key fundraisers such as the Macmillan Coffee Morning which help to support those desperately in need around the UK.

So far, the 2021 Macmillan Coffee Morning has raised over £8.5 million, which could fund 161 Macmillan nurses for a year. I am delighted that Convey has contributed to that outstanding national effort and look forward to us supporting the cause for many years to come.” 


The only UK charity dedicated to helping sufferers of a rare genetic disorder that causes gradual sight loss is delighted to receive a £1,000 donation from The Conveyancing Foundation’s Charity Lotto thanks to the generosity of Convey Law clients.

Bardet-Biedl Syndrome UK (BBS UK) spokesperson Christine Saxon said the charity, along with many others, had struggled to raise funds during the pandemic when support was needed more than ever for sufferers:

“We are a small charity and as such the gift of £1,000 has made a huge difference when in the current situation all charities and ours is no exception, have found it increasingly difficult to raise funds.”

She said the pandemic had had a massive impact on sufferers who had to shield and who lost touch with many of the networks they relied on, explaining:

“Now the shielding is over there remains isolation, anxieties and a changed world for those with BBS. Who can explain social distancing to a guide dog or to someone who uses a long cane for independent travel?

“Telephone appointments with doctors when you cannot describe your symptoms through underdeveloped language skills? Social networks and support systems have closed, some never to reopen, it is hard for everyone, but for people with disabilities or who are parents of children with disability the challenges of this “new normal” are daunting, to say the least.”

BBS UK was nominated as a deserving recipient of the Charity Lotto funds by former Convey Law conveyancer, Christian Bolton-Edenborough, who was diagnosed with the disorder when he was studying for his Master’s in Law at Bangor University.

Christian carried on his studies, determined to pursue a legal career, despite his failing eyesight. He is a dedicated campaigner for the charity.

BBS is estimated to affect 1 in 100,000 babies with an estimated 500-600 people in the UK currently suffering from the disorder which causes a variety of other symptoms such as kidney abnormalities and learning difficulties which not all sufferers will have, making it hard to diagnose. There is currently no cure.

Staff at Convey Law are asked to nominate their favourite charities for donations from the Charity Lotto which their clients can opt into for £10 with a chance to win £500 towards their legal fees.

Children at a Welsh youth centre will be planning how to spend a much-needed £1,000 donation after the centre became the latest charity to benefit from The Conveyancing Foundation’s Charity Lotto.

The Caerwent Youth Centre in Monmouthshire, which spent months closed during lockdown, recently opened its doors again to the news it had received the donation thanks to clients of Convey Law who enabled the donation by taking part in the Lotto at the end of their property transaction.

Convey Law Conveyancing Supervisor, Alex Harris, who combines a busy job running a conveyancing team at Convey Law with working as a youth and community support worker at Caerwent, nominated the non-profit making centre for the donation.

Alex, 30, has been running a weekly session at the centre since he was 16 and has provided valuable sports and play facilities for hundreds of young people in Monmouthshire.

He said: “We cater for young people between 11 and 17 and run various activities including lots of different sports and arts and crafts, pool and ping pong tournaments, cooking and life skills.

“They pay £1 to come to the 2.5 hour session but, as we are entirely self-funded, we don’t make any profit and all funds go back into the club so we are always looking for additional donations which mean we can choose activities from the wish list the young people have put together.

“The club has just re-opened after COVID forced us to close last April so the young people will be really excited to be back together after so long and to choose something to spend the donation from Convey Law on. It will make a massive difference to what we can provide for them so we are incredibly grateful.”

Staff at Convey Law are asked to nominate their favourite charities for donations from the Charity Lotto which their clients can opt into for £10 with a chance to win £500 towards their legal fees.


National charity the Little Princess Trust is the latest to receive £1,000 after it was nominated by a member of staff at Convey365, whose clients raised the funds by taking part in the Foundation’s Charity Lotto.

Jodie Hayes, a Conveyancer at Convey365, nominated the Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other conditions, after contacting them to donate her own hair.

Jodie, 27, from Cardiff, has just cut off her own long blonde hair, donating an incredible ten inches of hair to the charity.

She said: “I had very long hair which I loved but for a few years I had been thinking about how amazing it would be if I donated my hair to a charity if I ever decided to have it cut.

“I started researching different charities who accepted hair donations and I came across the Little Princess Trust. I was really moved when I read about their fundraising and the research they undertake into childhood cancer.”

She added: “I finally decided to take the plunge and cut my hair earlier in the year and it is now on its way to the Little Princess Trust! I nominated them for a donation from Convey Law because the work they do in supporting children with cancer is so unique and so valuable.”

Kim Musson at the Little Princess Trust said the charity had supplied over 2,000 wigs to children and young people over the last year as well as “providing funding for research into kinder and more effective treatments for childhood cancers”.

She said: “Thanks to our amazing supporters, like Jodie, we are really making a difference and are able to provide free, real-hair wigs to children and young people experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer and other medical conditions. It costs £550 to manufacture the wigs and provide the wig-fitting service.

“We are also truly grateful for the £1000 donation and for the kindness and generosity of everyone at Convey365 and the Conveyancing Foundation.”


Convey Law has donated vital funds to help two charities, the MS Society and Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales after raising thousands of pounds through The Conveyancing Foundation’s innovative Charity Lotto.

Both charities have received £1000 each after they were nominated by staff at Convey Law, whose clients raised the funds by taking part in the Foundation’s Charity Lotto. 

Jess Smith, Operations Director at Convey Law, nominated the MS Society after personal experience of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through caring for her father. 

She explained: “The society and the vital work they do is a subject very close to my heart as my father has been suffering with MS for the past 10 years and I have witnessed first-hand the outstanding work the society does. 

“They work tirelessly to support those both recently diagnosed and living with MS. Their long terms goals are helping people live well with MS, connecting people and making sure their voices are heard and working to find effective treatments and to prevent/cure MS.  

“They ensure MS suffers have sufficient social care and support to live independent lives, ensure those with MS receive the correct disability benefits and ensuring all MS sufferers have access to the right treatment no matter their situation or background. They also fund pioneering research into MS treatments and cures, having invested over £227 million since 1953.” 

She added: “I can honestly say that the funds donated by Convey Law from the Charity Lotto will make a real difference to sufferers’ lives.” 

It is estimated that 110,000 in the UK are living with MS and 5,200 people are diagnosed with the disease each year.  

Convey Law also donated £1000 to a unique animal rescue centre in Wales, Many Tears.

Many Tears Animal Rescue in Carmarthenshire primarily takes in ex-breeding dogs who are no longer required as well as dogs on ‘death row’ in pounds and those whose owners can no longer look after them. 

The centre, which rehomes an estimated 3000 plus dogs a year, was nominated by Rebecca Johnson, who works as a Conveyancer at Convey Law. 

Animal lover Rebecca said she has admired the centre for some years since she started visiting it and following them on Facebook. 

She said: “Their facilities are incredible and always clean and the dogs are happy and healthy. I would rescue them all if I could!  

“When I got the chance to nominate a charity for a donation, I thought of them straight away because they are a relatively small charity and they need every penny they can get so they can carry on saving dogs and finding them homes. 

“They are amazing and work so hard to find foster homes and permanent homes for dogs all over the UK.” 

The charity urgently needs funding for veterinary and rehoming costs as it has grown rapidly since its foundation in 2004.   

MTAR spokesman Jenna Chung said: 

“With the help of our staff, fosterers and other volunteers we provide a special and loving environment to help all our dogs adapt and find permanent, loving new homes. All potential adopters are interviewed and homes vetted and we do our utmost best to find the right home for each dog.  

“All our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, inoculated and wormed but in addition to this, we get many dogs in need of specialist veterinary care.  

“Some of the most frequent problems we encounter are dogs who arrive here with eye and heart problems, along with those with liver shunts and joint problems. Any treatment is required is financed by donations to the rescue which enable us to ensure each dog receives the specialist care it needs.  

“The rescue has grown considerably since it first opened and it has been so difficult to keep going during the pandemic with all our planned fundraisers having to be cancelled so donations such as this are vital for us to continue and we are so grateful.” 

Convey Law is one of a growing number of companies raising funds for charity through The Conveyancing Foundation’s Charity Lotto where clients of any legal practice or property company can donate a voluntary £10 at the end of their transaction, giving them a chance to win £500 in a monthly draw. 

Managing Director Lloyd Davies explained: “Charitable giving is very important to us as a company and asking staff to nominate charities is a great way for them to benefit from the funds they have helped to raise by enabling them to choose charities close to their hearts.” 

Georgia Davies from The Conveyancing Foundation said the Lotto had helped companies raise over £800,000 for their chosen charities over the last decade. 

She explained: “We can help any legal practice or property company raise money through the Charity Lotto. It’s a simple mechanism where clients can donate a voluntary £10 at the end of their transaction, giving them a chance to win £500 in a monthly draw.” 

She added: “I am delighted to see some of the funds raised by Convey Law clients going to such deserving charities as the MS Society and Many Tears Animal Rescue. 

“We are very keen to help others fundraise for their own charities through our Charity Lotto so please do get in touch.” 

The Conveyancing Foundation can be contacted for further information on setting up a Charity Lotto at or 01633 261794. 


The Conveyancing Foundation has donated funds from its innovative Charity Lotto to help two national charities, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS) and the Epilepsy Society

Both charities have received £1000 each after they were nominated by staff at Convey Law, whose clients raised the funds by taking part in the Foundation’s Charity Lotto. 

Lauren Forbes, a Conveyancer at Convey Law, nominated SANDS as a worthy recipient of a charity donation in recognition of the support her brother and his wife received after their baby Finn was tragically stillborn at 32 weeks in 2013. 

She said: “SANDS really helped my brother Kyle and my sister-in-law Hannah when their little boy Finn was stillborn. Even when they went on to have their daughter April, who is now 7, my brother found it hard to walk past the delivery suite Finn was born in when he visited April and Hannah.  

“SANDS provided vital help and support to them after an awful tragedy that no one ever expects to go through when they have a baby. As their experience showed, it is not an event you can just get over but something that is always with you that you learn to live with through the invaluable help of organisations like SANDS.” 

Funds donated to SANDS support anyone affected by the death of a baby. The charity works in partnership with healthcare professionals to ensure that bereaved parents and families receive the best possible care and it promotes improvements in practice and funds research to help reduce the number of babies dying. 

The Conveyancing Foundation, which raises money for charity through its Charity Lotto where clients of any legal practice or property company can donate a voluntary £10 at the end of their transaction, giving them a chance to win £500 in a monthly draw, also made a donation of £1000 to the Epilepsy Society. 

The Epilepsy Society is the UK’s leading provider of epilepsy services.  Through their research, awareness campaigns, information resources and expert care, they work for everyone affected by epilepsy in the UK.

The society was nominated for help by epilepsy sufferer Stefan Lewis-Davies, who works in the Finance Department of Convey Law. 

Stefan, who was only diagnosed in 2013, said the society helps to provide vital support to sufferers and also raise awareness of the life-threatening condition. 

He said: “I have suffered multiple seizures over the last 8 years, the most recent towards the latter end of 2020. Each seizure can be different and life-threatening.” 

Stefan, who has a 5-year-old daughter and a baby due imminently, said his daughter was very frightened when she saw him having a seizure and it was crucial to raise awareness “to anybody who has suffered any kind of seizures that it could be epilepsy-related and for them to see a consultant immediately” as well as for people to recognise possible seizures in others. 

He added: “There are people who suffer with this condition who are worse than me and have seizures every day which is awful.  

“Seeing pictures and videos on social media of people who are unable to live a normal life because of this condition is heartbreaking and I feel it is important for people to understand the effect it can have on an individual and their families for the rest of their lives.  

“Unfortunately, there is no cure for epilepsy and epileptics, including me, are on medication for life. The funds donated by the Foundation from its Charity Lotto will go to an outstanding cause.” 

Georgia Davies from The Conveyancing Foundation said the donations to SANDS and the Epilepsy Society came from funds raised by Convey Law clients, adding: 

“The funds were made possible through our Charity Lotto. Thank you to all the clients of Convey Law who have taken part. Even if they did not personally win the monthly draw, I want them to know what incredibly worthwhile causes the money they have helped to raise go to.” 

The Foundation also helps other businesses to set up their own Charity Lotto to raise funds for charities they wish to support. It has helped companies raise over £800,000 for their chosen charities in the last decade. 

Georgia Davies explained: “We are very keen to help others fundraise for their own charities through our Charity Lotto. It’s a simple idea which most clients are happy to support when they are buying or selling their house but its end results are incredibly powerful as it enables the Foundation to make much-needed charity donations. 

“We are dedicated to helping any other company that is interested to set up their own Charity Lotto and start fundraising for the causes they care about.” 

The Conveyancing Foundation can be contacted for further information on setting up a Charity Lotto at or 01633 261794. 


Convey365’s Managing Director, Lloyd Davies, has set out on an intrepid summer challenge along Britain’s longest ancient monument – Offa’s Dyke – to raise £15,000 for a cause very close to his heart – the Mindstep Foundation, set up in memory of his son Max.

Lloyd and his wife Tracey set up the Foundation to fund mental health research, awareness and support after their eldest son Max tragically died aged 22 in 2018 after a battle with clinical depression.

Along with eight supporters, Lloyd started the 177-mile walk across the famous Offa’s Dyke ramparts along the England-Wales border from Prestatyn in north Wales on Sunday (July 25).

Father of four Lloyd, also Operations Director of the Conveyancing Association, said the walk would be a “pilgrimage” to Max and his “beloved Wales” and the funds raised would be donated by the Foundation to a wellbeing centre at a Welsh school, St Alban’s in Pontypool, where Max volunteered in the summer before he died.

Fellow trekker Richard McLennan, a teacher from St Alban’s, said: “We are attempting to raise £25,000 to provide the school with a wellbeing gym to complement our wellbeing intervention centre The Sanctuary. The gym will provide support for the wellbeing of many hundreds of young people at St Alban’s now and in the future. Some of our youngsters are very vulnerable and, accordingly, face daily challenges that many of us cannot comprehend.”

He added: “Max undertook voluntary work in supporting our most vulnerable pupils and those with additional learning needs. Max was an energetic and deeply empathetic young man who was quick to understand and adopt the school’s “caring” ethos by putting our pupils’ wellbeing at the forefront of how he supported them. He established excellent relationships with our pupils from the start!”

The walk will also mark a very sad milestone for the family – the third anniversary of Max’s death – in August. Max, who was a third-year student at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent when he died, was a talented rugby player at Monmouth RFC and a former pupil at Monmouth School for Boys in Wales.

Lloyd explained that his son had been struggling for a year with clinical depression before his death and despite regular counselling, medication and total family support, he could not be saved.

He said: “In the wake of our devastating loss, we started to look at the statistics for the sheer number of men who take their own lives every week – over 80 men in England and Wales which is equivalent to over 11 every day and over 4000 a year, and we were driven to try and make a difference.”

They went on to set up the Mindstep Foundation, which so far has raised over £110,00 for mental health research and support.

Lloyd explained: “The Mindstep Foundation was established following Max’s passing to fund research into the causes of suicide and support those who have been bereaved or who are at risk of suicide. As Max’s family, our mission is to take steps, however small, towards ensuring that no one suffers the loss of a loved one to suicide.

“Suicide is a hugely sensitive, complex issue with a multitude of causes. The very nature of a death by suicide means we can never fully know the reasons behind it.”

The Mindstep Foundation has also committed to raising £100,000 over the next two years to help fund landmark work at the University of Glasgow into the causes of suicide.

Lloyd, a prolific fundraiser, who has already undertaken other challenges for the Foundation and raised funds for causes including the Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice in Wales, has sprung back from being hospitalised on a previous charity walk with a septic toe.

He said he had been in training “building up his stamina” after setting up an informal walking club with friends which inspired him to launch the challenge in Max’s memory.

Praising his fellow trekkers, who include family friends and his godson, he said:

“This is a huge undertaking. Offa’s Dyke crosses the mountainous Welsh Marches and was built in 790 AD by King Offa to keep the Welsh in Wales! There are some very tough and mountainous stretches across some stunning landscapes including Wye Valley and the Brecon Beacons.

“I am looking forward to the walk but also realise it will be a very tough challenge. We aim to walk 20 plus miles a day and get to Hay on Wye at the end of the first week and then undertake the rest of the walk as time allows over the summer.

“As a family, we are really grateful to everyone taking part and to everyone who continues to fundraise on behalf of the charity and donate to it in memory of Max.”

For further information and to support the Offa’s Dyke Charity Trek: please visit


Staff at Convey365 Raise £1000 by Donning the “Wrong Trousers” for Bristol Children’s Hospital

Convey365 has donated £1000 to Bristol Children’s Hospital after its staff joined thousands nationwide dressing up in their wackiest legwear to support Wallace and Gromit’s Wrong Trousers Day. 

Sporting colourful and outlandish flares, trousers of all descriptions, shorts and even pyjama bottoms, staff including Managing Director Lloyd Davies, who was resplendent in Austin Powers style flares, took the opportunity to raid their wardrobes in aid of the national charity event on Friday 2 July. 

Convey365 staff working from home and in the office took part and shared their photos across social media to show their support for the event which was set up in the name of Bristol-based Aardman Animations’ Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit characters. 

Convey365 Managing Director Lloyd Davies said the legal practice was a regular supporter of national and regional charity events including Wrong Trousers Day and the recent Captain Tom 100 Challenge, explaining: 

“We have a fundraising culture at the heart of Convey365 meaning we regularly come together to support national and regional charity appeals and events. We find this is not only beneficial to the charities we support but also valuable for staff morale and wellbeing.  

“Wrong Trousers Day came at the end of one of the busiest periods in conveyancing history with the Stamp Duty holiday officially ending at the end of June so it was a fantastic chance for staff to come together, have some fun and raise funds for an incredible charity.” 

Funds from Wrong Trousers, which is part of the Bristol Children’s Hospital Grand Appeal established in 1995, support sick children and their families from across the entire South West who are helped by the hospital. Pioneering research, life-saving equipment and family accommodation and specialist support staff have all been funded by the Grand Appeal since its inception. 

Bristol Children’s Hospital covers the single largest geographic area of any children’s hospital in England, with many of the brave children treated having to travel hundreds of miles from Cornwall, Devon, South Wales and Wiltshire for the hospital’s lifesaving treatment.  

Lloyd Davies added: “We cannot think of a better cause to support at Convey365 than one which supports sick children and their families through the toughest of times.”