Convey365 Recruit 15 New Members of Staff

Increased Conveyancing instructions throughout the course of this year, coupled with key members of staff leaving Convey365 for a short period on maternity leave, led to a recruitment drive at Convey365.

Over the course of the last 4 months Convey365 have recruited 15 individuals into their environment. The new recruits will form an integral part to Convey365’s Background Teams as well as making an important impact within the Live Conveyancing Teams.

Convey welcomes; Ben Moore, Taryn Baker, Victoria Hubbard, Laura Sollis, Jillian Walliker, Tyron Sullivan, Kirsty Baker, Bethany Wright, Siobhan Kavanagh, Sue Brooks, Samantha Collier, Roxanne Arr, Christopher James and Samantha Francis.

Convey365 currently employ 76 individuals within their environment, making Convey365 one of the largest specialist Conveyancing Companies in the UK.

June 14, 2011
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