Head of Title Check at Convey365 Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Head of Title Check at Convey365 Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Title Check specialist Debbie James reaches 10 year milestone with national Conveyancing Company.

Debbie James, Head of the Title Checking Department and Company Director at national conveyancing specialists Convey365, celebrates her 10 year anniversary with the company. Mrs James joined the company in October 2003 and has played an integral part in the company’s rise to prominence in the UK conveyancing industry.

Originally employed as a Conveyancer, Mrs James took over leadership of the newly formed Title Check department in 2006, in what was a revolutionary restructuring of Convey365’s conveyancing process. The new department was tasked with delivering Title Check reports on all purchase transactions, speeding up the conveyancing process and raising enquiries at an early stage in the transaction process.

Mrs James was chosen for the role due to her expertise in Land and Contract Law as well as her meticulous and professional nature and attention to detail. Since then, she has led and adapted the department into an efficient and productive team that reports on transactions within 48 hours of receipt of contract papers.

In 2008, Mrs James’ contribution was recognised when she became a Company Director at Convey365.

Speaking of her time at Convey365, Debbie James commented:

“I’m delighted to have reached this milestone; I feel that both the company and I can look back at what we have achieved over the last 10 years with great pride. It is a cliché, but I do genuinely love my job. The support I received from the management team when forming the Title Check Department was fantastic and I am certainly very pleased with all that the department has achieved since then. I work with a superb specialist team who work tirelessly to perform effectively and punctually. It is great to work with a team that are totally professional and have a great work ethic.”

Lloyd Davies, Managing Director at Convey365 commented:

“I would like to thank Debbie her for her hard work and dedication over the last 10 years. The task of pioneering our Title Check Department has been very important to our way of working and Debbie acquitted herself wonderfully to the task and developed one of the most efficient Title Checking departments in the UK. I very much look forward to working with Debbie for the next 10 years.”

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October 24, 2013
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