Star Award Winner: Sophie Noble

Congratulations to Sophie Noble for winning this week’s Star Award.

Sophie is the supervisor of our Welcome Pack team and has received some lovely comments from her colleagues. Keep up the great work Sophie!

“She has the patience of a saint. She is always smiling and making others laugh even when she hasn’t had enough sleep or crème eggs. Nothing is too much trouble and you’ll always see her running around helping everyone!”

“I’d like to nominate Sophie Noble for this. She is the backbone of the welcome pack team. She’s worked incredibly hard these past two weeks and has still found time to help all of us out with our billions of questions. Honestly if she doesn’t get this award she genuinely deserves some prize as none of us would be doing as well without her
You know it makes sense!”

“For being a great team player and a Convey365 Legend !!!”

“I would like to nominate Sophie Noble for her fantastic work training us on the Welcome Pack team.”

March 1, 2020
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