51 Hour Charity Lockdown Relay For Mindstep

51 Hour Charity Lockdown Relay For Mindstep

The Mindstep Lockdown Relay took place over the weekend with more than 120 people participating including many of the Convey365 Team!  

Lloyd, Georgia, Kath, Sabina, James, Alex and strongman Ollie all participated in the relay which ran non-stop from Friday 5pm – Sunday 8pm, each volunteer completing one hour of exercise, 51 hours in total. 

The activities varied from walking, running, dancing, flipping tyres, box jumping, jet washing a patio, DJ’ing and sprints across the Severn Bridge at 5am. One person achieved 761 burpees in an hour! 

The Lockdown Relay aimed to raise awareness of the long-lasting effects COVID -19 has had on mental health and to support suicide prevention research. The event raised an incredible £17,000 for suicide prevention research – over 3x Mindstep’s original target! 

Thank you to all those who took part and those who donated via the Just Giving page. 

March 2, 2021
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